5 Delicious Complementary Pizza Toppings

One of the life's greatest pleasures is eating a steaming hot slice of pizza. Pizzas are a great dish to have with friends, on a fun romantic date, with your family, or simply alone and on the go. However, at one point or another, you will probably find yourself in a pizza toppings rut. Instead of the tired old pepperoni and olives, here are some examples of delicious toppings that complement one another. 

Pineapple and Ground Beef

One of the best types of pizza that offers excellent complementary flavors is a pizza topped with ground beef and pineapple. The dark and hearty flavors of the ground beef are made whole by the juicy and sweet fruitiness of the pineapple. If you are a fan of salty and sweet mash-ups, this is the right pizza for you.

Tomatoes and A Sunny Side Up Egg

If you are craving something different for your pizza, try a pizza topped with sunny side eggs and tomatoes. It might seem odd, but when a sunny side up egg's yolk breaks, the pizza is permeated with the rich yolk flavor. Tomatoes pair perfectly with the egg, evoking thoughts of a tomato and egg omelet. If you are opposed to runny yolks, this combination works well with a fried egg, too. Use light tomato sauce, so that the sauce doesn't overpower the taste of the tomato topping, and grill the tomatoes for a char-broiled flavor. 

Mushrooms Paired with White Sauce

For an outstanding pizza, try pairing mushrooms with white sauce. The garlic and oil that are present in most white sauces tend to complement the naturally earthy taste of the mushrooms. Mushrooms also pair very well with parmesan cheese, which is usually found on pizzas that use white sauce. The mushrooms serve to enhance the flavor of the parmesan cheese.  You can add additional toppings, of course, but this type of pie will really shine with just mushrooms as its topping.

BBQ Chicken

When you order a BBQ chicken pizza, your pizza place has already paired the perfect complementary toppings on your pizza for you! This type of pizza is traditionally the same across a number of different pizza parlors. On this pizza you will find chicken pieces that have been covered in barbecue sauce and grilled, caramelized onions, and smoked bacon. 

The smokey bacon works well with the barbecued chicken, enhancing its BBQ grilled flavor. The caramelized onions offer a mildly sweet taste, balancing out both the smoked bacon and the BBQ chicken. Add in your favorite cheeses, red sauce, and your gingerly kneaded dough and you are all set to go!

Anchovies and Bell Peppers or Onions

Anchovies aren't everyone's ideal of a great pizza topping, but they can be a great addition to any pizza when they are paired correctly with something else. Anchovies are quite salty, so pairing them with bell peppers or onions helps to balance out their natural saltiness. This pairing mellows out their effect and can turn anyone into an anchovy fan.

Roasted Garlic and Any Meat Pizza Topping

Most pizza sauces already have a little bit of garlic in them, but for the most extreme garlic lovers out there, that isn't enough. If you really want to add additional garlic to your pizza, make sure that you pair it with pepperoni, chicken or seafood. The nutty, rich flavor of the garlic enhances the flavor of each one of these meats.

At the end of the day the very best style of pizza is the type of pizza which you enjoy most. Try a different mix of toppings every now and then, and you will end up finding a new and unique favorite pizza topping combination!