Questions To Ask A Food Catering Service Before Signing On The Dotted Line

Whether you're planning a Sweet 16 party for your daughter, a graduation party for your son, or a wedding for yourself, you'll want to make sure you have an excellent caterer. Guests tend to talk about the food long after the party has ended. When you're ready to interview caterers, there are a few important questions to ask the food catering service before signing any contracts. 

Do You Provide Linens and Tableware?

When it comes to linens and tableware, caterers follow one of three paths. They either include the items in their packages, offer to handle the items at an additional cost, or require the clients to purchase the items on their own. Obtaining linens and tableware yourself not only effects your budget. It also effects your time, as you are required to research and purchase the items, as well as set them up on the day of the party. Be sure you know where your food catering service stands on this matter.

Do You Offer a Complimentary Taste Testing?

You may be confident with the food service company if you've received referrals from friends and family, however, it is always best to request a taste testing. Some caterers provide this courtesy without any charge for up to two people. That means you can bring another individual along to lend their opinion so you can make the best decision when it comes to whether or not you'd like to hire the caterers. Some chefs do offer a taste testing for a fee, which may be worth it, as you'll know exactly what you're getting in the long run. 

Do You Have All the Necessary Paperwork?

Before you agree to do business with any food catering service, you need to make sure all of their paperwork is in order. Find out if the company is licensed by your state, and whether the caterer is allowed to sell and serve alcohol (should you wish to have it at your party). Next, find out if any permits or inspections are required, and if so, will the company handle all of that for you. 

Can We Create a Customized Menu?

If a traditional menu isn't your cup of tea, or you have guests with special requests, you want to make sure you can have a custom menu designed. Will the caterers provide a vegan or vegetarian option and do they have gluten-free items for those who are gluten intolerant? Are they willing to prepare kosher meals, and how do they handle special requests, such as chicken fingers for children or pureed foods for those who have a difficult time chewing?

It is important that you know what you're getting for your money, so never be afraid to ask questions. Most caterers, such as Menu For Your Venue Inc, are more than happy to address your concerns and do their part to make your party a memorable one.