Preparing For An Emergency? How To Keep Your Supply Of Cornmeal Fresh

If you're in the process of prepping for an emergency, and you haven't added cornmeal to your list of storage goods, you need to fix that. Cornmeal from a place like Dover Corn Products LTD is an excellent item to keep in your food storage. Not only can it be used for a wide variety of foods, including bread and mush – which is excellent with pancake syrup and butter – but it has a long shelf-life, which means you won't have to worry about it going bad. Here are four steps you should take to store cornmeal with your emergency food supplies.

Prep for Storage

If you're going to be storing large quantities of cornmeal, you'll need to prep for the storage process. First, you're going to need airtight containers, and oxygen absorbers, which are used to keep moisture out of your food storage. If you're going to be storing bulk cornmeal, you'll pour the cornmeal into your airtight containers, place two oxygen absorbers in the container, and place the lid on tightly. Be sure that the lid is securely in place. If you're going to be storing bags of cornmeal that you've purchased from the store, you can keep them in the original packages until they've been opened for use.

Store in the Proper Location

Once you have your cornmeal prepped for storage, you should place it in a cool, dry location. This will ensure a longer shelf-life for your cornmeal. You can extend the shelf-life of your cornmeal even further by storing it in a freezer. However, your electricity might not be functioning during a full-blown emergency situation. If you'd still like to use the freezer, keep your cornmeal there until the power goes out, and then transfer it to a cool dry location in your home.

Reseal After Opening

Once you start using your pre-packaged cornmeal, you'll need to reseal it properly after opening. There are two options available for this. First, you can place the opened package in a mylar bag and seal it for use later. Or, you can pour the contents of your package into an airtight container, add one oxygen absorber, and place the lid on tightly. Both processes will keep your cornmeal fresh.

Increase Your Supply

If the emergency goes on for long enough, there's the chance that you'll run out of your cornmeal supply. That's why it's important for you to have the ability to increase your supply, as needed. To do that, you'll need to add popcorn to your list of emergency food supplies. You'll also need a grain mill; electric, or hand-crank. You can use your grain mill to process your own supply of cornmeal from the popcorn you've stored.

Now that you're preparing for a disaster, natural or man-made, don't forget the cornmeal. Use the tips provided here to keep your cornmeal fresh, and your supply sufficient for your needs.