Vegan-Friendly Baked Goods: How To Create New Treats Using Substitute Ingredients

If you own and operate a bakery, there's a possibility you're producing a large number of sweet treats on a regular basis. Some of those treats may include cakes, cookies, and doughnuts. Although baked goods are often delicious and may be favored by your customers, the treats offered at bakeries aren't always vegan-friendly. If you're trying to take a different approach to gain new clients who love the idea of eating sweets while being able to stick with their vegan diet, there are quite a few different substitute ingredients worth trying.

Out With the Butter and in With the New Options

Because butter is made using milk, it's not a vegan-friendly ingredient to use in baked goods, but it's something that may be used regularly in a number of your recipes. There are quite a few different substitute butter options worth trying. It's important to test out the substitutes on some of your different baked goods to figure out which option works best for the different recipes.

Mashed Avocado

Instead of using butter, try replacing it with some mashed avocado. You could use half of an avocado to replace a full stick of the butter you would normally use. The consistency of avocado makes it the perfect replacement for butter. There are quite a few benefits associated with using mashed avocado. For example, it's healthier, contains fewer calories, and will leave treats tasting delicious. The flavor of the avocado is masked by the other ingredients, making it the perfect vegan-friendly alternative.

Olive Oil

If you'd like to try out some other options, consider using olive oil as a replacement for the butter in different recipes. It's a healthier fat that is vegan-friendly.

Enhance the Flavor and Make a Vegan-Friendly Icing

You may have a number of icing recipes that you use on some of your baked goods, but those recipes may call for butter, milk, and other ingredients that aren't vegan. The good news is that it's definitely possible to make an icing for all of the vegan treats you're planning to make. Instead of using butter for your icing, try using coconut oil. It contains healthy fatty acids and doesn't give off a powerful taste of coconut. If you need to use any milk in the recipe, replace it with coconut milk or vanilla almond milk. You'll need to test out some of the combinations to figure out which works best based on the overall taste and appearance.

If you'd like to have a number of vegan-friendly treats to offer to the customers who are following a vegan diet, these are some of the ways to substitute non-vegan ingredients when making different types of treats. These substitutes are healthier and may even improve the overall taste of some of the baked goods you're selling.