3 Helpful Strategies That Can Save You Money When Ordering Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular food items across the country. It's easy to make and tastes so good. However, ordering it often can get expensive. If you're looking to save money on your pizza purchases, keep these strategies in mind. 

Forgo Delivery 

One major reason why pizza costs can add up is because of the delivery. Most pizza restaurants automatically include delivery costs in the charge. Then, you still have to worry about the tip. Just when you thought a pizza was affordable, you're shelling out quite a bit of money.

A more cost-effective approach to getting pizza is to simply forgo delivery. Opt for pick-up instead so that you can save some of your cash. Sure, you'll have to venture outside the comforts of home, but it's not that bad when you choose a pizza location near your primary residence.

Look For Promo Codes 

Every once in a blue moon, pizza restaurants will send out promo codes for customers to use. It's their way of trying to attract more business or get you to come back after not having ordered from them in a long time. There are primarily two ways you can get these promo codes to save money on your next pizza. 

Either they'll come directly in the mail, or you can search for them online. The latter option is a bit of a gamble because more often times than not, the codes have been used by previous customers. Just stay vigilant of these codes because some of them offer great savings. They may even make your next pizza free.

Sign Up For a Rewards Program

The pizza industry is highly competitive, even more so today as people look for convenient ways to provide meals to their family. As such, more and more pizza restaurants are starting to offer rewards programs as a way to gain loyalty. 

All you need to do is provide your email and some personal information. Most of these programs work the same. Every time you order a pizza, you get points. When you save up enough points, you can cash them in for a free pizza or free side item. You're rewarded the more you order.

There's nothing like a fresh piece of pizza when you get hungry. So that you don't spend a fortune on pizza throughout the months, take proactive measures at saving money. This isn't difficult either. You just need to know when and where to save.