Tips For Opening A Unique Burger Restaurant

If your dream has always been to own a burger restaurant, you may have decided that this is the perfect time to take that leap. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that competition among burger joints is fierce. There are likely a lot of places in your area (and in any area, for that matter) that serve burgers. The better their burgers, the more competitive they're going to be. Since more competition means more challenge, you need to be prepared and set yourself apart. Here are some tips to make a name for your new burger place.

Build a Better Burger

The first thing you'll need to think about is setting the burger itself apart from all of the others. There are several ways that you can do this. Consider the type of ground meat you're working with. Remember that meat with too much fat will result in a heavy, greasy burger, while meat that's too lean produces a dry, tasteless one. You need a balance of the fat ratio to ensure a quality burger that's not too greasy but isn't dry, either.

The right ratio will vary based on your personal recipes. Consider what types of burgers you want to offer. You can set your place apart by putting unique types of burgers on the menu. For example, a French onion burger with caramelized onions on the burger, an onion and beef broth flavoring in the meat, and melted provolone cheese over the top would probably work well with mid-range ground beef. However, a parmesan burger that's stuffed with cheese and topped with marinara sauce might need a leaner ground beef because of the added fat content of the cheese. 

Offer Alternatives Too

While most people hit the local burger place for its namesake, sometimes people are looking for something a little different even though the whole crowd is coming for burgers. Keep everyone happy by offering some alternatives on the menu too.

For example, cater to the vegetarian crowd by offering a portobello burger or two on your menu. You might also want to look into the local regulations regarding the sale of things such as venison burgers, bison burgers, and other similar alternatives. 

By putting things like these on your menu, you expand your possible customer base and provide offerings for those nights when a regular burger just isn't gonna cut it. The more choices you can provide, the better your chances of success.

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