3 Types of Ice Cream That Your Caterer Can Provide

While the main meal might be your first focus when you're planning a catered lunch, you shouldn't overlook dessert. A sweet treat after the meal isn't just something that the children in attendance will love, after all. While there's an endless list of choices to consider, you can't go wrong with the timeless choice of ice cream.

Of course, it's fun to put some creativity into the types of ice cream that you have available for your guests. Your caterer can often offer these three varieties.

Hand Scooped

There's something special about a hand-scooped serving of ice cream, whether it's on a cone or in a small bowl. Your caterer can offer this service at your upcoming event, and the ice cream station will be a busy spot after the main meal wraps up. Work with your caterer to choose some tantalizing flavors that you expect your guests will love. While you might want something on the plain side, such as French vanilla, don't shy away from rich chocolate-based ice cream, one or more flavors that contain fruit, and perhaps something with nuts.

Soft Serve

Soft serve is another popular type of ice cream that will bring out smiles in the young and the young at heart at your upcoming lunch event. Catering services can provide you with one or more self-serve stations that people can use to make their own desserts. Don't worry about getting too creative with your flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry can be more than sufficient, especially when you provide topping options on a table next to the self-serve station. Sprinkles, maraschino cherries, and various flavors of syrup are all good topping choices.


One of the more popular present-day ice cream options is rolled ice cream — something that is frequently available at shopping mall food courts, fairs, and other such locations. This frozen dessert consists of thin layers of ice cream that are rolled up and stacked vertically in a container, and then sprinkled with various toppings and served with a spoon. This unique option will be especially popular among your younger guests, while teens and young adults may be eager to photograph their serving and share the image on their social media channels.

Choose one of the above types of ice cream for your event, and then speak to your caterer about your exact specifications. For more information, contact local lunch catering services.